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Robotic Sample Handling Autosampler


TriPlus RSH, Autosampler, GC, GC-MS, Thermo Scientific

OK, just so everyone understands I am in Marketing.  However, my job is not just to get you to buy products.  I do not have the ability to use the force, although that would be cool.  Marketing teams at Thermo Fisher Scientific do a major amount of work in identifying and coming up with ideas for the next set of instruments, software, consumables, or service offerings.  All of these are designed to provide you with some, or multiple, benefits to you and your lab or process.  Our job is to bring in the ideas, the researchers, engineers and designers make that a reality.

The times when we get to talk about new products can be the most fun.  For example, we launched an Autosampler last year.  Have you heard about it yet?  It does the normal set of things, injects liquid samples at variety of injection rates and a range of volumes.  Not to dissimilar from some others.  It has a few other tricks that help you and the lab. 

The Thermo Scientific TriPlus RSH performs liquid, headspace, or SPME injections.  How does this help?  No headspace unit sitting next to the GC or GC-MS with a transferline taking up valuable bench space.  A gas tight syringe is used allowing the system to sit right on top of the GC.  Using SPME allows for analyses with no manual extractions, everyone loves that.  To see how much we like it see some previous posts

GC-MS Analysis without Sample Prep Part 1: The Pesticides

GC-MS Analysis without Sample Prep Part 2: The Wine

GC-MS Analysis without Sample Prep Part 3: The Flavoring

So there are a lot of things that can be done with this autosampler.  However, the coolest is the ability to change between liquid, headspace, and SPME in the same sequence automatically with automatic tool exchange.  Your thinking why would I want to do that?  OK, point taken.  What if you used the automatic tool exchange to do dilutions and then move to injections.  Or if a needle bends automatically change to a new one (we all know they bend no matter what anyone says).

I would like to introduce you all to Massimo Santoro.  He is one of our product managers, years of experiences in GC and Autosamplers.  He is actually better about talking about the TriPlus RSH than I am.        

TriPlus RSH video


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